A short overview of my most challenging consultancy projects.

Brand strategy for a gelato chain to grow

A French/Asian couple asked me to help expand their successful Gelato stores in Bali/Jakarta – Asia

Bali based retail chain

During a 2 month stay in Bali, I organised several workshops to make the client understand consumer behaviour in order to find opportunities and new directions for their brand. It inspired them to fine-tune their concept and launching new projects.

Business Development model

Build an adventure park in Asia

A Belgian/Asian entrepreneur asked me to assist him in building an Adventure park in Asia.

After finding the location in Jakarta, I helped him with the business plan, marketing and design. I stayed 6 months on location to supervise the project and  steer the start-up team . Today, It is the most successful park in Indonesia and a trend setter in South East Asia.

Houbii Jakarta

Create a worldwide store concept

William-Demant a Danish hearing aid producer is buying small chains of hearing aid centres worldwide. They asked me to create a new store concept to have one brand.

I visited several companies in the EU and focused on understanding the needs of every country. I succeeded to come up with a concept & design that was accepted in the EU.

Find a new purpose for a factory

Guido Dumarey a Belgian serial entrepreneur specialised in high tech turnarounds asked me to turn an old factory into a storage for classic cars.

After a study – on location in Paris – of the French classic car market and drawing a new business plan. I advised, apart from the storage, to build a school, dormitory and event place to make the concept profitable. (project under review).

Increase visitors

The Belgian family Claeys, owners of Historium, asked me how they could make the tourist place more profitable

After days of observing visitors I advised to revamp the entire entrance of the visitor centre. The objective was to entice and encourage tourists to visit the attraction. Sales doubled after re-opening.

Share retail expertise

A Kuwaiti entrepreneur asked me to bring retail expertise to the family owned business.

Over a decade I have transferred know-how and retail design principles for different retail concepts and created new ones for AWW. One was very innovative: The first electric motorcycle store in the Middle East > NGM selling Zero Motorcycles.  

Create a new sports department

Makro, a Belgian hypermarket, part of Metro, asked me to re-think their sports departement.

As part of the re-imagining of the store concept and keeping the focus on sports, I advised MAKRO to alter the theme towards the  “Urban Outdoor”; survival in the urban environment.

Increase Service

Aveve, Belgium’s leading agriculture related retailer asked me how to increase customer service.

I advised to collect customers questions in their stores. Next build a knowledge base with answers and build an app for staff, so they could have access with their mobile phone to the many questions and answers. Today these stores are well known for having the best customer service.

Tell us why we loose money

 A Dutch retail chain asked me why they were loosing money year after year in Flanders 

After a 3 week research and analyses, I advised to close down the stores since Flemish people historically have little trust in authority, such as countries justice system, and things they can not verify. Such as buying things behind a glass window. They followed my advise.

Generate Ideas

Coca Cola Europe asked me to join a brainstorm to create new innovative products.

I came up with ideas. One was a wearable water bag inspired on camelback, another one, tiny tags for personalising drinks in disco’s.

Client was impressed and hired me for an other project.

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